1962-1963 All State

First Team Second Team
Player School Player School
Charles Holder Rogers Joseph DeCotis DeLaSalle
Donald Kaull Rogers Henry Gambardella LaSalle
James McNaught Central Falls David Lopes LaSalle
Thomas Smile Tolman Michael Norton North Providence
Donald Suggs Tolman William Reynolds Barrington

First Team Player Recap

Rogers and Tolman, winner and runner-up in the state tournament, tie for top representation on the annual Journal-Bulletin All-Rhode Island schoolboy basketball squad with two members each on the first five. Completing the No. 1 quintet of the R.I. Interscholastic League is the smallest of the 10 selections, Jim McNaught. 5-foot-7 Central Falls shooting star who finished first among state scorers. LaSalle captures two places on the second team which is filled out with single delegates from Barrington, DeLaSalle and North Providence. The established custom of requesting coaches to submit ballots for All-Divisional nominations again prevailed. Candidates proving most popular in this poll received top consideration from the school-sports staff in All-State selections.

Lone first-team repeater from 1962 is Don Kaull, high scorer of Rogers’ first state champions since 1952. Don Suggs, a key performer in Tolman’s most successful season since 1952, is promoted from the 1962 reserve quintet to a starting position. McNaught receives the same advancement over 1962. Although All-State choices more often than not encourage controversy, Kaull and Suggs appeared automatic as All-Staters. Both were unanimously named in their respective Class A Metropolitan and Class A Suburban divisional polls. Both were standouts from the first to final weeks of the season.

Kaull who compiled a scoring average of 20.6 points a game was for the third straight season an invaluable offensive weapon inside and outside. Even if he had never scored a point, the 6-4 sturdy senior would have probably qualified as a Rogers starter because of his unsurpassed rebounding ability and leadership. This Vikings’ star who will enroll at the University of Rhode Island in September was also notable for excellent all-around exhibitions and for contributing key points, largely responsible for enabling Rogers to escape defeat in Rhode Island – except for the upset of upsets inflicted by Central.

The 6-6 Suggs, tallest of the 10 selections meant just as much to Tolman as did Kaull to Rogers. Besides bossing the boards almost every evening and scoring for a 17.2 average, the giant junior who be joined at Tolman by a reportedly equally talented younger brother next season, often keyed the Tigers’ break off the boards and flicked precision passes to teammates under the hoop. Cagers often come out of junior-high with big reputations which sometimes are not confirmed in senior-high competition. In Suggs’ case however, the contrary is true. Because of his previously proclaimed talents, a great deal had been expected of him in a Tolman uniform. Gratifying to report, the tall Tiger has even exceeded expectations.

Supplying Tolman with a second first-team nominee is Capt. Tom Smile, credited with an 18 point scoring average. Although four inches shorter than Suggs and though packing only 170 pounds on his lean frame. Smile bore a big burden of rebound duty as he shared the spotlight with Suggs in keeping the Tigers unbeaten in Rhode Island until the loss to Rogers in the state final. In addition to his scoring and rebounding, Smile set the style for Tolman’s most successful campaign in 11 years with highly capable leadership featuring unabated effort and zeal even in the most discouraging situations.

Regarded by Coach Chuck Tobin as “forgotten man” of his 1962 Rogers State runners-up, Charlie Holder made himself sufficiently well remembered in 1963 to be among the most popular in the Class A Metropolitan poll. Runner-up to Kaull in Rogers scoring with an average of 16 points, the muscular 6-3 senior was a tower of strength as a rebounder. Especially strong for a schoolboy courtman, the 200-pounder thrived in heavy traffic under the hoop and his physical attributes proved particularly important to Rogers in duels determined by stamina and strength. So he is All-State too.       

Among the smallest All-State basketball selections ever, the 133-pound McNaught necessarily relied on skill rather than strength for the success which placed the Central Falls slender sniper on the state scoring throne. Only sub-six-footer on the first five, the senior showed himself unsurpassed as a shot-maker, despite size and despite a destiny which decreed his being a member of a Central Falls five rated a bit below its predecessors. To finish first among scorers and become unanimous in the Class B poll, McNaught, overcame with extraordinary ability and determination his big height handicap and lifted an otherwise mediocre team into a team a tie for the top in Class B standings at the close of the regular schedule.

Hank Gambardella and Dave Lopes, who co-starred in LaSalle’s surge to the state semifinals, are named to the second five, which also includes Mike Norton, pride of North Providence and a fine “clutch” performer as demonstrated in his memorable evening against LaSalle in the state quarterfinals. Bill Reynolds, outstanding operative of Barrington’s Class C Suburban (Eastern) champions and Joe DeCotis, spectacular sophomore, who sparked DeLaSalle’s recovery from a depression era, complete the reserve unit.