1995-1996 All State

First Team Second Team
Player School Player School
Marc Bayha Toll Gate Lloyd Jones Mount Pleasant
Jason Bennett St Raphael Marcos Tavares Central
Toby Brittian South Kingstown Bill Robinson West Warwick
Bob Cavanaugh South Kingstown Luis Galagarza St Raphael
Jon McClark LaSalle Sam Adzhinyan Cranston East

First Team Player Biographies
Marc Bayha- Toll Gate
Bayha ended his exciting career owning a number of Toll Gate records - most points scored (1,390), most assists
(811), best assist average (8.2) and most games played (99). Blessed with the ability to make other players 
better, no backcourt playerwithin the past five seasons saw the entire court as well as Bayha did. His passing 
was exceptional as he time and time again connected with open players with crisp, precision passes. This 
season, the Toll Gate senior, who will play at Division OneRider College next year, scored 349 points, collected 
199 assists, grabbed 128 rebounds and had 96 steals.
Jason Bennett- St. Raphael
Bennett put on a long-range 3-point show in the Class A state title game at the Civic Center against the South 
Kingstown that few people will soon forget. The Saints' triggerman totatled 28 points in that game that 
included five from 3-point rangethat helped the Saints stage a stunning, lopsided triumph. Bennett, who will 
play at Bryant College next year, finished his spectacular career with 1,389 points, including 217 3-pointers. 
Ranked 20th in his class, Bennett boasted a 57 percent fieldgoal average. He also collected 121 assists and had 
136 steals in 25 games this season.
Toby Brittian- South Kingstown
Sophomore Brittian is the only underclassman on the first unit. But, the 6-foot-4 center-forward was probably 
the most exciting young player in the league this season with his leaping, blocking and dunking ability. Brittian, 
destined for basketballstardom if he continues to progress at the rate he is improving, topped the Rebels in 
scoring average with 22 points. He also averaged 13 rebounds and 6 blocked shots. Very few teams were able 
to deal with him in one-on-one situations.
Bob Cavanaugh- South Kingstown
Cavanagh brought his game to a higher level than expected this season. The 6-foot-2 senior forward led the
Rebels with his aggressive rebounding and inside scoring. Cavanagh always brought a very workmanlike 
effort to the game. He averaged 20 points and 18 rebounds for the A-Three Rebels. In addition, Cavanagh
brought to the game a maturity far beyond his years.
Jon McClark- La Salle
McClark was the monster in the middle all season for the Rams. The 6-foot-6, 220-pound McClark was way 
too tough inside for opponents. He simply overpowered them for his points. This season alone, McClark 
totaled 646 points and 560 rebounds in 26 games. He finished his four-year La Salle career with 1,876 points 
and 1,415 rebounds. McClark also averaged 4 blocked shots.