1940-1941 Playoffs
State Tournament
Class B vs C Semifinals
Game 1 (B1 West) Westerly 40 vs (C1 East) Colt Memorial 39
Game 2 (B1 West) Westerly 30 vs (C1 East) Colt Memorial 34
Game 3 (B1 West) Westerly 50 vs (C1 East) Colt Memorial 39
*State Champion- Pawtucket West
Class A Championship (Best of Three)
Game 1 (A1 East) Pawtucket West 30 vs (A1 West) Pawtucket East 42
Game 2 (A1 East) Pawtucket West 41 vs (A1 West) Pawtucket East 35
Game 3 (A1 East) Pawtucket West 44 vs (A1 West) Pawtucket East 26
Class B-East 1st Place Tiebreaker
St Raphael 38 vs Central Falls 29
Class B-West 1st Place Tiebreaker
Westerly 47 vs Aldrich 33
Class B Championship (Best of Three)
Game 1 (B1 East) St Raphael 52 vs (B1 West) Westerly 21
Game 2 (B1 East) St Raphael 41 vs (B1 West) Westerly 29
Game 3 (B1 East) St Raphael 26 vs (B1 West) Westerly 37
Class C Championship (Best of Three)
Game 1 (C1 East) Colt Memorial 52 vs (C1 West) Cumberland 21
Game 2 (C1 East) Colt Memorial 26 vs (C1 West) Cumberland 29
Game 3 (C1 East) Colt Memorial 39 vs (C1 West) Cumberland 37

Westerly asked for the Best of Three State Championship Finals to be reduced to a one game winner-
  take-all after they had played two three game playoff series prior; Pawtucket West declined and was
  awarded the State Championship. (Info provided by Tommy D'Angelo)