1942-1943 Playoffs

State Tournament
Class B-East 1st Place Tiebreaker
St Raphael 45 vs Central Falls 35
(A1 East) East Providence 29 vs (A2 West) LaSalle 44 Class A Semifinal
(A1 West) Cranston 33 vs (A2 East) Pawtucket West 27 Class A Semifinal
(B1 East) St Raphael 34 vs (B1 West) Westerly 31 Class B Championship Game
(C1 East) Colt Memorial 25 vs (C1 West) Cumberland 16 Class C Championship Game
(A1 West) Cranston 30 vs (A2 West) LaSalle 40 Class A Championship Game
(B1 East) St Raphael 51 vs (C1 East) Colt Memorial 42
(A2 West) LaSalle 33 vs (B1 East) St Raphael 36
3rd Place Game
(A1 East) East Providence 40 vs (A2 East) Pawtucket West 35

*Class A, B & C Championship Games were part of the State Tournament Playoffs