1944-1945 Playoffs

State Tournament
(A1 East) East Providence 48 vs (A2 West) Cranston 31 Class A Semifinal
(A1 West) Central 44 vs (A2 East) Pawtucket West 42 Class A Semifinal
(B1) Westerly 43 vs (B2) St Raphael 39 Class B Championship Game
(C1 East) Colt Memorial 20 vs (C1 West) South Kingstown 31 Class C Championship Game
(A1 East) East Providence 46 vs (A1 West) Central 31 Class A Championship Game
(B1) Westerly 52 vs (C1 West) South Kingstown 32
(A1 East) East Providence 50 vs (B1) Westerly 48 (Sudden Death Overtime)- First team to score wins
3rd Place Game
(A1 West) Central 36 vs (C1 West) South Kingstown 43

*Class A, B & C Championship Games were part of the State Tournament Playoffs